AI Art NFTs in Cardano Blockchain

AI Art NFTs in Cardano Blockchain

AI ART in Cardano Blockchain

Artificial intelligence Art refers to any artwork created with the assistance of artificial intelligence. It includes works created autonomously by AI systems and works that are a collaboration between a human and AI system. (wikipedia)

adAIart was thought as a unique and innovative NFT project in Cardano, we use machine learning algorithms that create a unique art from a word. Our idea is to create collections of 5 topics from which we will select 50 related words to create pieces of art with different unique and wonderful techniques.

How we create AI ART from a simple Word?

The synthetic imagery (“GAN Art”) scene has recently seen a kind of productivity explosion: A new kind of neural network architecture capable of generating images from text was quickly popularized through a freely available Google Colab notebook. It enabled thousands of people to create stunning/fantastic/magical images, just by inputting a text prompt. Twitter, Reddit and other forums were flooded by these images, often accompanied with the hashtags #vqgan or #clip.

The text-to-image paradigm that VQGAN+CLIP popularized certainly opens up new ways to create synthetic media and maybe even democratizes “creativity”, by shifting the skillset from (graphical) execution or algorithmic instruction (programming) to nifty “prompt engineering”.

If you are interested in learning more about adAIart, we invite you to enter our Discord channel, where our community is located and where you can find out about our next news and drops.