AI Art NFTs in Cardano Blockchain

AI Art NFTs in Cardano Blockchain


What is adAIart?
adAIart was thought as a unique and innovative NFT project in Cardano, we use machine learning algorithms that create a unique art from a word. Our idea is to create collections of 5 topics from which we will select 50 related words to create pieces of art with different unique and wonderful techniques.

Who created adAIart?
I am a lover of new technologies, a professional system engineer and father of 3 beautiful children. Always looking for new ideas to develop and I found in AI an incredible way to create art from a word and the result was adAIart, a project that generates a unique and different art on Cardano Network that I think has great potential and is in an early stage of development with a great future to come.

How is adAIart NFT created?
Each adAIart NFT is completely unique from another. We use machine learning algorithms that work together with differents modifiers to create art from a text prompt.

How many adAIart are there?
In our first collection we will only mint 255 units of adAIarts that will be divided into 5 different topics of 50+1(giveaway) units.

Why did we choose the Cardano network to mint adAIart NFTs?
We chose it because it is a robust network with several years of development, with a lot of future potential and with a low cost of gas for its transactions (about 0,16-0,20 ADA). We believe that Cardano will be one of the main blockchain network in the world in the near future and our collectibles will be in it.

Where i can get my cardano wallet to buy adAIart NFTs?
You can download here:

What is the Policy ID?
Since asset names are not unique and can be easily duplicated, Cardano NFTs need to be identified by the policyID . This ID is unique and attached permanently to the asset. The policy ID stems from a policy script that defines characteristics such as who can mint tokens and when those actions can be made.

Wich is the Policy ID for adAIart?
Policy ID C1: a29025ebe61e0bf2b131fffa3dc3c092b052d060e79be89040582754
Make sure to double check this policy ID matches if you ever buy a adAIart NFT from a secondary site like .

How we create AI ART from a simple Word?
The synthetic imagery (“GAN Art”) scene has recently seen a kind of productivity explosion: A new kind of neural network architecture capable of generating images from text was quickly popularized through a freely available Google Colab notebook. It enabled thousands of people to create stunning/fantastic/magical images, just by inputting a text prompt. Twitter, Reddit and other forums were flooded by these images, often accompanied with the hashtags #vqgan or #clip.

The text-to-image paradigm that VQGAN+CLIP popularized certainly opens up new ways to create synthetic media and maybe even democratizes “creativity”, by shifting the skillset from (graphical) execution or algorithmic instruction (programming) to nifty “prompt engineering”.

When acquiring an adAI art NFT am I its sole owner?
Each adAIart that we create is unique and unrepeatable, and it will only belong to you as long as you have it in your Cardano wallet and you can sell it and transfer it without restrictions.

Can I print my adAIart NFT?
You can print it as many times as you want. Our adAIrts are high resolution images that will allow you to print them in different sizes to be able to have them physically with you.